Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crime in Malaysia, Statistics

Is Malaysia a safe country to live in?

Or is it because of the exposure and viral information via the internet that blinds the difference between perception and fact?

Studying the statistics taken from Malaysia Official Police Web Portal

Print screen from Polis DiRaja Malaysia website
It does shows that most crime rates have dropped but not all, in fact some parts have increased in which you can view the statistics above.

Part of it, I feel that the police statistics may not be able to measure it accurately because it is true that one cannot assume that all crimes are reported.  But, I am aware that they do mention if you make a false police report, they will charge you in which what happened to me a long time where I nearly escaped death literally.  They spent a month trying to investigate me and not catching the perpetrator to validate whether my police report was not false. They interviewed my friends to do a personality background check to whether I was lying or not.

Honestly, I had bruises all over and it was so obvious, would I want to beat myself up and then make a police report against someone I do not know.  But that is a long history for me.

No, I didn’t really make a proper entry on the blog because I don’t know I was “effin” traumatized for 7 years and it wasn’t easy to pen the entry without being judgmental, to add a few non-friends now who turned out to be assholes who are not civil-minded at all.

Anyway, I digressed.

The Malaysian government and police did mention that the crime statistics have fallen and that we should not worry with the stories in the internet. I find it rather sad because I doubt they even bothered to read in detail about those incidents, I believe I’ve posted some in my previous entry. Because these are survivors advising the citizens in being extra careful and how to react in a dangerous situation, which our Police fail to highlight the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) in dealing with criminals, I mean of course they are more much experience than we are right, since we have to depend on bad luck to be struck and learn from it. Sure, there are crime prevention classes that covers the general how to “kick ass” from snatch thieves, but it doesn’t cover all like what if you have been kidnapped or how to avoid being dragged into the car and if you are in the car, how to escape etc.

In conclusion, yes it is good for news being shared and becoming viral, that way the case gets solved faster because of public pressure.. duh!

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